Bringing Christ’s healing presence to those in need;

in body, mind or spirit



A little German schoolboy,

Working at his lessons,

Could hardly know his later life

Would be a special blessing…


…His dad a copper miner,

Worked many hours and long,

With one objective in his mind—

To educate his son.


This boy went off to college,

And prospered there indeed,

He soon achieved his Law degrees

With supersonic speed…


…And then, a bolt of lightning,

While riding home one day,

Would make him leave the legal path,

And turn another way…


The bolt might well have killed him,

But God had heard his prayer;

He went and joined a monastery,

And read the Bible there.


As Martin read and fasted,

He realised salvation

Could come to him through Christ alone:

Behold, The Reformation!


Of all the money-making ploys

The Church had instigated,

Salvation—if you paid enough—

Was one he really hated!


He criticised Indulgences,

And famously one day,

Pinned up his theses 95,

In full and clear display!


But now the ructions started,

The Pope was not amused,

And summoned Martin to recant—

Which he of course refused.


They held a special Diet

At Worms, and called him there:

‘We’ll excommunicate!’ they warned,

But Martin didn’t scare.


He quoted Holy Scripture,

To justify his cause,

Accusing Pope and Council of

Their money-making flaws!


‘Here I stand,’ he told them,

‘For I can do no other!’

They called him heretic, and thus

Condemned young Martin Luther.


But by a clever stratagem,

His friends slipped him away,

To Wartberg Castle, where he would

Be safe to work and pray.


The Bible he translated

Into his German tongue;

The printing press then took it on:

That print would run, and run!


Because he loved his music,

(His flute was very dear),

He soon had people singing hymns

In churches far and near!


There is a lovely story

Of nuns he helped escape

In herring barrels from a convent—

What an escapade!!


And then he married one of them,

Became a family man,

While preaching of Salvation

And God’s redemption plan.


That timely bolt of lightning

Had been God’s instigation

Of Martin Luther’s great crusade:

The wondrous Reformation!!


Helen Long

Eveline and Pat manning the craft stall at the Secret Garden event Friday 29th September 2017.  Well done everyone, raising £309.00, but more important was the fellowship among the volunteers in preparing the wide variety of goods for sale, and event itself managed by Frances, thank you.  Also, thanks are due to Pat and Frances for the beautiful fudge, Christmas puddings and jams.  These events and the car boot sales give the opportunity of promoting the Ministry on a one to one basis, and making the Ministry of Healing of Jesus more visible and accessible to a wide spectrum of people.

The next event is the Coffee Morning at 162 on Saturday 18th November at 10.00.  In the meantime there is a great variety of craft items for sale in the building, all high quality and in support of the Ministry, so come and browse, have a coffee or tea and buy.

Then on Saturday 2nd December there is new event, a Prayer Breakfast at 162 commencing at 09.00am.  Booking is essential, phone 9079 5832.


 And no, …….I have not forgotten the Table Quiz .  Donations have been continuing to come in and the figure raised is now £1735.00    

As usual the fun was tremendous and again an opportunity to promote the healing ministry to a wide group of supporters.    Special mention is our thanks to Alison who promotes the Ministry in the Downpatrick area.    

The diary dates have had to be updated again due to the greater level of activity, what a great blessing it has been and will be, as more and more people experience healing and fellowship in the name of Jesus.                                  

Pat’s Prayer Letter

My dear friends

There is a shortening of the evenings and a chill in the morning air, and I did notice a number of swallows gathering on the telephone line, but thankfully, they have decided to remain a little while longer. How quickly summer becomes a memory. I spent a delightful retreat over the holiday period at Carrickfinn in Donegal. A friend had rented a house and invited me to stay for a while. I left home with a map, Sat Nav and great confidence. It was going to be a wonderful journey to some peace and tranquillity, with no acknowledged agenda beyond restoration. Initially all went well, but beyond Ballybofey the Sat Nav become completely silent, even though I checked the Republic of Ireland setting, and the volume. At least I had a map, but I soon discovered that the place names on the map didn’t correspond to those on the road signs. The signage was in Irish with no English subscript. Thankfully, I came over the mountains and noticed a sign that indicated I was on the Wild Atlantic Coast, and even more, I was travelling in the correct direction. I was further cheered by airport signs, which told me that I was near to my destination. Moving cattle off the single-track road was another challenge I hadn’t expected to encounter, but it was all part of the essential slowing down. I found myself reciting W B Yeats’ poem, ‘The Lake Isle of Innisfree’, which I had learned at school, not appreciating how close I was to Innisfree.

I will arise and go now, and go to Innisfree, And a small cabin build there, of clay and wattles made: Nine bean-rows will I have there, a hive for the honeybee, And live alone in the bee-loud glade. And I shall have some peace there, for peace comes dropping slow, Dropping from the veils of the morning to where the cricket sings; There midnight’s all a glimmer, and noon a purple glow, And evening full of the linnet’s wings. I will arise and go now, for always night and day I hear lake water lapping with low sounds by the shore; While I stand on the roadway, or on the pavements grey, I hear it in the deep heart’s core

W B Yeats

Little did I realise that I would soon be hearing the crickets and honeybees, and watching damselflies and black and red moths flit from flower to flower, along with many wild orchids. It was as though I had been transported back into my childhood, in those timeless days, roaming the fields around our home. Associating with childhood, time took on a different meaning. The minute-by-minute pressure of the working day receded and words I had been given prior to the journey came to mind. John Ortberg, (the author of ‘If You Want to Walk on Water You have to get out of the Boat’), asked Dallas Willard, (known for his writings on Christian spiritual formation) what one thing could he recommend that would bring new energy to Ortberg’s spiritual life.  Ortberg says that Willard’s reply was “shocking in its simplicity.”  Dallas Willard looked him in the eye and said, “You must ruthlessly eliminate hurry from your life, for hurry is the great enemy of spiritual life in our world today.”  Ruthlessly eliminate hurry.  What a challenge to a 21st century adherent.  We love all those household aids to do our work, so that we may have more leisure time.  However, the reality is that we appear to have less and less time for the things we want to do.  Therefore, the grappling must be with priorities and the exclusion of diversions.  We had settled into the summer months with the thought that things quieten down in July and August and there would be time to establish a new pattern for spiritual growth and development.  However, the reality was different, with very little ‘down’ time and a constant flow of people coming for prayer support, all of which is good, but leaving the big decisions firmly in the court of priorities.

Looking back, the early May Coffee Morning and Plant Sale attracted new visitors yet again increasing the knowledge of who we are and what we do in a very informal and friendly way.  We also had two very successful seminars during the summer season.  The first in May, led by Rev Desi Maxwell entitled, ‘The Best Kept Secret in the Bible’: with the sub-title ‘What the Bible has to say on a new heaven and a new earth’. This was a captivating seminar, which clarified many questions and left us encouraged. The June seminar, led by Gareth Bell from Precept Ministries Ireland based on the Book of Acts, was on Witnessing. This also was a challenging seminar, but also heartening.

The mid-June evening at Echo Sound with the Downshire Brass Band was yet another delight. The weather was fair and rain-free, but occasionally the wind became sharp, so many people retreated indoors, while the band played on. This year we had the added attraction of Morag Stewart, an exquisite Irish dancer, performing during the band interval. Everyone agreed that she was a stupendous dancer and quite perfect for the cuan shore setting.

One of the most encouraging things so far during 2017 has been our participation in Canon Brother David Jardine’s Divine Healing Ministry, Prayers for Our City and Our Land, at St George’s Parish Church, Belfast. We have led the hour of prayer from 10.30 – 11.30 am on the 4th Monday in each month in the small upstairs chapel and have felt God’s presence and his hand upon us. The challenge is to spend more time in prayer with more people, for the things that really matter: an increase in those coming to faith and a deepening of commitment to Christ in our city and land.

Already the signs of autumn are upon us and the term starts with a Quiet Day at Echo Sound for Ards Evangelical Church on Saturday 2nd  September.  Later that evening there will be a Table Quiz at the Lakeside Inn, Ballydugan in aid of CMH.  The following week our normal programme begins with the Stitch, Glue, Sip and Chew group on Monday 4th September and the Holy Communion Services with Laying on of Hands for Healing on Tuesday 5th September.  We would love to see both these increase in number, so come along and bring a friend.  You will certainly find a welcome. Our regular Communion services are on the 1st and 3rd Tuesday of each month at 10.00 am.  On the 2nd Tuesday of the month we have Prayers for Israel and the Nations at 11.00 am.  This is a small group, seeking new members, who pray for God’s people everywhere, and especially in the places where there is persecution and trouble and for Israel, God’s Promised Land.

Our new event, the Book Club begins on Thursday 6th September at 10.30 am.  This is an exciting venture as we have been challenged to find fresh ways of praying.  The first book we have chosen for discussion is the story of the Christian Retreat Centre in Wales at Ffald-y-Brenin, and how we can introduce the idea and practice of blessing into our lives.  Our mornings will be user-friendly and no one will be put on the spot, or asked to pray out aloud.  Do come and join us for this and help us be an encouragement for one another.

The Fellowship of Contemplative Prayer (contemplative-prayer.org.uk) is holding a Reflection Morning at Drumbo Parish Church, Ballylesson Road, Belfast, BT8 8LA on Saturday 23rd September when the ‘Witness’ (leader of the morning) will be Ms Nuala Dudley. Such a Quiet Morning has ‘Contemplations’ which focus on a saying of God or Jesus. The morning starts with tea of coffee in the Parish Hall from 9.30 am and two Contemplations in the church followed by a service of Holy Communion. Please bring your own packed lunch. Tea and coffee will be provided. A donation of £10 will be collected at lunch. [RSVP: Canon Raymond Fox 07511752160 canonfox@btinternet.com or let us know that you intend to be there.] Over the years I have found this to be one of the most refreshing mornings. Certainly it is one of the ways to ruthlessly eliminate hurry!

On Friday 29th September we have a craft stall at Dundonald Nursery’s Secret Garden, Ladies’ night, which is entitled, ‘Preserves’. My kitchen and dining room tables are groaning under the weight of filled jam jars, awaiting labels and decorative tops prior to the ‘Big Night’ fundraiser. Our last fundraiser this term will be the Coffee Morning and Sale on Saturday 18th November from 10.00 am – 12.30 pm at 162. Please support our efforts to become debt free soon, and place the ministry on a firm financial footing. We greatly appreciate the support you have already given us, and are now on the final sprint to the finishing line.

Rev Desi Maxwell returns to 162 for another day of seminars on Wednesday 8th November from 10.00 am – 4.00 pm under the title, ‘God According to God’.  The title alone causes me to think of J B Phillips’ book, ‘Your God is too Small’.  This will, I am sure enlarge our ideas of God and challenge us to think about the manner in which we pray.  Please book early, as places are limited.  (Phone 90795832.)

We have two early Advent Quiet Days at Echo Sound, which are open to everyone, on Saturday 25th November and Wednesday 29th November.  These are peaceful and calming oases in the middle of  frenetic activity, planned to bring perspective, reflection and peace into the Christmas season.  (Book early, 90795832.  Place reserved on receipt of £25.)

Our first Prayer Breakfast will be held at 162 on Saturday 2nd December at 9.30 am.  Places are limited so please book early on 90795832.  There will be a Free Will Offering taken at this event.

As you may have noticed we are increasing our focus on prayer.  If you would like a speaker for your prayer group, or even if you would like help setting up a prayer group then please contact us, as we would be delighted to help and encourage you.  On a personal note if you would like spiritual direction we can point you to one or two people who offer their services to CMH.  Perhaps you would consider joining our group of intercessors, who receive the weekly updated prayer list every Friday by email, in order to pray daily for those who request our prayers.

We are very grateful to our volunteers for the success and growth of the ministry. While many do not see their valuable work, it is most appreciated. The ministry could not function without any one of them. CMH has been really blessed through their hard work and the giving of their time in the service of others.

I take great pleasure in welcoming Frances Gibson as Administration and Ministry Support Assistant. Frances has been associated with the Church’s Ministry of Healing for a very long time and has been a valued and constant support. She brings new life and vigour and I look forward to progressing the ministry with her. She will be a great blessing to us all.

Finally, my journeys in Donegal were mostly on beautifully smooth tarmac, but there were few road signs.  However one day near Dungloe I noticed the word ‘SLOW’ painted on the road where it bent and rose rapidly upwards.  As I travelled towards the blind summit, another word appeared on the road: ‘SLOWER’!  While I laughed the reality dawned and the message became clear.  I am trying to take to heart Dallas Willard’s words: ‘Ruthlessly eliminate hurry’.


Thank you for your prayers and support

Your sister in Christ

Pat Mollan






Sat 18 Nov              Coffee Morning and Craft Sale at 162, 10.00 am


TUESDAYS @ 162   Holy Communion & Laying on of Hands, 10.00 am.

                               3 and 17 October   

                                7 and 21 November

                                5 and 19 December


Prayers for Israel and the Nations, 11.00 am.

10 October

14 November

12 December


Seminar                  8 November 2017 – Speaker Rev Desi Maxwell,  

10.00 am – 4.00 pm

‘God According to God’

Booking is essential 9079 5832


Quiet Days              Echo Sound

Saturday 25 November 2017, 10.30 am – 4.00 pm

Wednesday 29 December 2017, 10.30 am – 4.00 pm


Prayer Breakfast    162

Saturday 2 December 2017, 9.00 am

Booking is essential 9079 5832




Chairman’s Reflection 2017

It is hard to believe that we are well into our fourth year in ‘162’.  The building really is a blessing, and everyone who visits us remarks on how beautiful it is, not to mention the views it affords.  It has also proved to be accessible to most people, and the neighbours have expressed delight at the work that has been done to improve the premises.

We have managed to satisfy the requirements of the Charity Commission, as well as obeying the regulations of Building Control and so many other official bodies whose purpose we value but whose rules can sometimes seem designed to frustrate!

We are grateful that Archbishop Richard Clarke officially opened our new premises and expressed his appreciation of our ministry.  Bishop Harold Miller also visited us and assured us of his support.

The real and ultimate work is of course spiritual.  And God has truly blessed us in it.  Of course it has not been without its difficulties, but the ministry has grown.  We have even considered the possibility of establishing a second base in the west of the Province, but decided against this for the foreseeable future.

We have managed to repay most of the interest-free loan that is still on our balance sheet.  I am personally keen to see that transaction completed as soon as reasonably possible.  We are greatly blessed with some supporters who are enthusiastic fundraisers – sometimes organising events and activities with great imagination.  I would encourage you please to keep in touch with our events programme, and to come along with your friends to as many activities as you possibly can.

Wishing you God’s blessing during 2017,

Dermot O’Callaghan Chairman




for you in God’s Mission in 2017  by being part of the Prayer Line, Emergency Prayer Line, Prayer Teams for Services and Individual Ministry (Training and experience will be given), and in administrative tasks such as preparation of publications, catering teams and house/garden maintenance.

Telephone the Office for information 9079 5832 


you are always welcome to call in for a natter and coffee/tea at 162

new mount


come and spend time in the prayer garden

                                                      an oasis so close to the City




You have reduced the debt again by £20,000 and it now sits at £40,000.  We started in 2013 with a loan of £157,000 interest free to pay for the refurbishment.  God has richly blessed the ministry in those years.

Please help us repay the residue of this most generous loan, and have some fun and joy on the way.