Ideas for Promoting Christ’s Healing Ministry or Celebrating St Luke’s Day

Hold a Quiet Day.

Read St Luke’s Gospel.

Put up a ‘Prayer Wall’.

Invite the local health workers to your service.

Launch a ‘Drop-in Prayer Centre’.

Produce a Prayer Card and give it out in the community.

Run a workshop on ‘Developing Prayer Ministry’.

Ask your home group to study Healing Service.

Read the Alpha material on ‘Does God Heal Today?’ – ask your minister to talk about it.

Invite some friends to meet for prayer for Healing Service.

Go on a Prayer Walk – as a group or as a congregation – around your parish.

Start a study group to study prayer ministry.

Invite someone to speak from CMH or the Diocesan Healing Committee.

Have ‘Prayer Zones’ around the church during the time of prayer ministry.

(There could be areas with candles, a prayer tree, a book to write prayers in, etc.)

Have a Celebration of Wholeness and Healing Book of Common Prayer, page 457.

Focus on Healing through Forgiveness (suggested programme follows)