Healing through Forgiveness

Set up room with three tables.

Point 1: The table here has a Pyrex bowl with hot water and a long handled spoon.

Point 2: The table here has a plastic basin with warm water.

Point 3: The table here has a supply of hand towels.

Point 4: A priest waits here to bless the person who has forgiven their adversary.

Initially some time is spent in silence praying centring on our situation and on those we need to forgive.

Those present are offered a small piece of dissolvable paper (from art or sewing supplies) or rice paper (not as good).

Have available red washable felt tips for writing on the dissolvable paper.

Those who wish to forgive someone should write the Christian name of the person who has offended them on the paper with the red washable pen and bring it to place in the Pyrex bowl (Point 1).  A designated person stirs the dissolvable paper in the water until it disappears.

They may then move on to Point 2 where they may have their hands washed.  (Take time to do this sensitively as a service to those who come.)

At Point 3 someone gently dries the hands as an act of loving service.

At Point 4 the person may receive a blessing.

When all who wish to participate have received a blessing then the bowl is carried out reverently and prayers of gratitude said for the releasing of hurts and for the gift of forgiveness.  The water in the bowl is gently poured out onto good soil and words of blessing are said.

(The red pen turns the water red, and so there is the symbolism of Christ’s blood shed for our sins, and our redemption.  It is a very powerful means of helping people to forgive and be set free.)