Rejoice Plan

In the Morning
Begin each day with the  following:

Thank you Father, for letting us share in this day with you.

1 God has a plan for today – and this plan includes us,

We praise and thank you.

2 We are part of the kingdom of heaven, in the process of unfolding.

Let  our minds be one with yours.

Let  us put our trust in you as we follow your will in our thoughts, words and

3    As a child of God:

We appreciate ourselves  as your creation.

We do not put  ourselves down in any way.

We love people.

We forgive those who hurt us today.

Forgive us, Father, for the pain we have caused in others.

We are in harmony with all living things.

4    Through God, we receive power  to do all things.

Thank you, Father, for  the strength to live this day, guiding us past temptation’s traps and delivering us from those who entangle your realm.

5    We accept God’s gift of life  today:

Health in body, mind and  spirit;

Success  with personal relations;

inspiration  for our personal endeavour,

especially  for our projects today.

Praise to you, Father!

We  rejoice in the name of Jesus.