To Help You as You Pray

To Help You  as You Pray

Let  the peace of this place surround you as you sit or kneel quietly.

Let  the hurry and worry of your life fall away from you.

You  are God’s child.  He loves you and cares  for you.

He  is with you now – and always,

Speak  to him slowly and thoughtfully.

Give  yourself time for him to bring things to mind.



Lord, I thank you……

For your presence here,

for this opportunity to pray,

for the promise of inner peace,

for the beauty of the world,

for the kindness of people……,

for all those whom I love…….,

for your love for the whole

Help me to show my gratitude in  my actions towards others as well as in my words.



Lord, I am sorry……

For the times when I have been  nasty or unkind, especially to ……

when I have thought or acted  selfishly,

failed to forgive others or ask  for forgiveness,

forgotten your presence, and  taken your love for granted.

I thank you for your promise to  forgive all those who turn back to you in sorrow for their sins.


Lord, I am troubled……

I am worried and concerned for  myself because……, for others, particularly about…….

Help me to trust in your love,  for you carry all my sorrows.

Teach me to act and speak in the  way that you want,

Give me courage to change the  things that I can change;

the serenity to accept those I  cannot change;

and the wisdom to know the  difference.

Calm my fears, for all things are  in your hands.


Lord, I pray for……

My family……,

and friends……,

my neighbours at home, at work,  the ones I like….., and dislike……,

for those who are ill…….,

for the oppressed,

for those involved in disaster or  war.

Bless them, Father, in their  various troubles, and show me how I can help.


Lord I give myself to you ……

Lord Jesus, you gave up yourself  for me upon the Cross.

Now help me to give myself to  you:

all that I have, all that I am,  all that I hope to be.

Give me in return your  forgiveness, your love, your courage and send me out in your name and  in your service.



Lord  in your mercy;

Hear  my prayer.