Quiet Days Enduring……….

I have set my rainbow in the clouds, and it will be the sign of the covenant between me and the earth.



In my mind’s eye I see Echo Sound and I breathe out a sigh of the wonderful peace and calm that awaits to encompass me. As I turn down the lane…..view the watered Sound of Strangford Lough as it laps on the shore.  Touching the green and luscious ground which sweeps down to embrace the life that pulsates about this beautiful place.  As I sweep up the drive, a host of golden daffodils, waving gently, greets the weary eye, and as I park my trusty steed, the door is flung open in welcome and I am mbraced by my lovely hostess, sample the delights within a little bit of Heaven on Earth.

I know that there has been much to achieve this “Quiet Day”, to help each soul see God in a different way. To go out refreshed and restord, having been nurtured of soul, watered and, fed in body and mind.  Coming together in fellowship with others being part of God’s tremendous body is always a privilege.

When one becomes tired and weary in my mind’s eye I turn and go down that lane, and my spirit soars and is renewed again.

Thank you, friend.

God Bless and keep you and those who make this possible.