An Appreciation of a Quiet day at Echo Sound

A Quiet Day at Echo Sound
1st September 2012

Words written by a participant

You have brought me here, to this place
Where distant mountains stand erect; strong
And shades of green and gold mingle into reds.
Gently swaying leaves and skimming waters glisten and ripple.
Hidden from the madness, the bustle and busy,
Tucked away, yet there for all to see.
To be overwhelmed by Your presence; Your peace.
A playground for Your creatures,
A haven to hide and quietly ponder
Your magnificence and mercy,
A place to be covered by Your love,
A glimpse of things promised
And time to reflect and wonder at the world,
And how it copes without You.
Let me capture this moment, and my mind memorise Your beauty.
Your love is here, Your presence and desired in this place.
Let me bask, fill me, wash over me,
So that I can revel in Your amazing abundance.