If you need counselling please contact the Mount Help Centre:

To contact the Mount Help Centre for an appointment, please call or leave a message on the answerphone 028 9079 5832

or use the HOTLINE 07952680873

If you wish to cancel or postpone an appointment,

ring 028 9079 5832

162 Upper Knockbreda Road,




EMERGENCY   The response time is 24 hours.


The Mount Help Centre counselling service will be immediately accessible to all; guaranteeing anonymous, independent, professional and responsible treatment. The most important principle will be the relationship between client and counsellor which will appropriate to client need, observe professional principles and promote best practice.


  • Provide immediate access to all, triaging the client, and selecting the counselling team member with the most appropriate skills
  • Provide and protect anonymity in terms of counselling rooms and person
  • Provide clear professional guidelines for treatment, a written contract between the Mount Help Centre and clients, and facilitate individual agreements between the counsellor and the client.
  • Provide a team approach with specialist skills with regular peer supervision
  • Provide regular professional supervision and continuing professional development for counsellors
  • Deliver counselling training and opportunities for placement of University students of counselling and psychotherapy
  • Deliver training courses and specialist lectures and seminars to other organisations
  • Provide a hub where professionals can share knowledge, experience and resources to bring cohesion and development of counselling skills and professional validation


  • To seek excellence in counselling, in counsellor/client relationships, in training and continuing professional development
  • To seek integrity through transparency, honesty, equitable, and ethical professional behaviour
  • To serve others by making counselling rapidly and quickly accessible
  • To protect the anonymity of the client
  • To remain independent such as to be able to respect a diversity of faiths and none, to maintain a freedom of expression and to value other cultural and ethic backgrounds
  • To be good stewards, using resources effectively and efficiently

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