“Sacraments of Healing”

“Sacraments of Healing”, Christopher Gower, S.P.C.K.

‘Be healed!’  Itinerant ‘healers’ and especially tele-evangelists can bring the healing ministry of the Church into disrepute.  However Gower approaches Christian healing in a more objective way, advocating a rediscovery of the sacramental traditions of the Church, because of their healing power.   His argument is based on the efficacy of sign and symbol which do not depend on the eloquence or charisma of the minister, but on God’s faithfulness in mysterium.  These sacramental channels of grace Gower names as the laying on of hands and anointing; the rite of reconciliation; and Holy Communion.   Each is examined from its biblical, historical and theological background, and explored through modern liturgies, then applied to pastoral situations, sometimes in a witty manner, but always with compassion.