For all the children in heaven


mum and pupslambs

Especially for Megan’s family

Also remembering Alesha’s family

For all the children in Heaven

For all the children in Heaven,

Who died before their time,

Who live and thrive in Paradise,

Where Jesus’ love-light shines…

For parents who are sorrowing,

As year succeeds to year—

Who long that little smile to see,

That tiny voice to hear…

Fear not that you have lost them—

They wait for you in bliss—

You’ll meet your babies once again,

You’ll hug again and kiss!

Your little lambs are safe now,

Within the Shepherd’s care:

No illness and no accident

Will ever harm them there!

He feels your desolation,

He knows just why you weep:

This Shepherd loves his lambs so much,

He died to save his sheep.

So leave them in His keeping,

Enfolded in His Love,

You’ll be united once again,

With joy in Heaven above!!

Helen Long         1st January 2015

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