‘Twas in the year of weeping,

When King Uzziah died,

A vision overwhelmed me,

Like some almighty tide…


The LORD was in His temple,

High upon His throne;

His robe was so magnificent,

Its train came flowing down!


Seraphim I saw there,

And marvellous their wings—

With two their eyes were covered,

Before the King of Kings!


With two their feet they covered,

And voices sweet they raised,

To sing to one another

In songs of endless praise:


‘Holy, holy, holy,

Our God upon His throne—

The world rings out His glorious name,

And worships Him alone!’


I felt the door-posts shaking,

And smoke was swirling round…

I blurted out, ‘Oh woe is me!

In misery profound!


My unclean lips are shaming,

My people live in sin,

Pursuing all their wicked ways,

Yet here I see the King,’


With that, a seraph came and touched

My lips with a burning brand:

‘Your sins are gone,’ he said to me,

‘And purified you stand.’


And then, the LORD’s voice sounded;

He said, ‘Whom shall I send?

And who will go on my behalf,

My people’s ways to mend?’


I heard myself replying,

As meekly as could be,

‘Isaiah at your service, Lord—

You can send me…’


Helen Long

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