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The office at 162 have taken over the marketing and distribution of “In the Pink”.

This book is a way of saying “I Care” in very difficult situations where words are often difficult to find.

In the Pink

Maureen Bennett, Helen Long and Pat Mollan

Book 01

Archbishop Alan Harper wrote; When Pat Mollan asked me to write a Foreword for their book the sections she showed me were, at most, one half of what you hold in your hands today. When she asked me to launch the book she explained that the project had grown somewhat and I now realize that it has grown not merely in size but also in stature.

This is, first and foremost, a book by women and for women. So, initially, I wrestled with the almost absurd notion of a mere male launching a book about breast cancer entitled, “In the Pink”. Wrestled, that is, until I tumbled to the fact that Breast Cancer is not just a women’s issue, it is an issue for everyone, and that much between these covers is stuff that men also need to reflect upon.

There is an important premise to the book that Maureen, Helen and Pat – I shall refer to them as the Three Graces – have compiled. It is this: there is more to sickness than merely physical and symptomatic, manifestations. Sickness affects not only the way we see, experience and make sense of the world and our relationships, it is a threat to the sense of our place in the world, our inner security, our key relationships, and our capacity to hold fast or adapt to the concepts and apprehensions we may have of the benevolence of the divine.


Recipients have commented;

Last night your wonderful book came to my rescue – I inexplicably felt down and a bit in panic mode about my cancer and the future – I know what God has said to me but sometimes “reality” kicks in and it seems all doom and gloom – but I got out your book when I went to bed and read about four or five pages and was totally uplifted with the mixture of narrative, poem, prayer and Bible verses – it is such a “rescue” book for me and I am so so glad you sent it to me!

Bless you. I am appreciating the book especially when I am a bit down, lonely or afraid! which is not very often but when it happens I grab the book and read and read and pray. . .

Cost £7.99 available at the office collected.  Mail order £9.50 Royal Mail First Class to UK. Approximately  $20 overseas, price on application to the office.

Read about the book in USEFUL BOOKS and buy on line via the web site, or phone 028 9079 5832 or email

£1.50 per book will be donated to the MacDermott Unit at the Ulster Hospital.



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