LIGHT by Helen Long

LIGHT by Helen Long


The earth in its early formation

Was shapeless in vacuous night,

But God gave it form by breathing His Word,

And then He said, ‘Let there be light.’


It shines in the arc of the rainbow—

Its spectrum is splintering white—

Kaleidoscope colours from heaven above,

Of raindrop-bejewelled delight.


And see in the dew how it sparkles,

On the webs where its patterns invite—

Or the lustre it gives our beloved,

In the eyes that are twinkling bright!


When Moses came down from God’s mountain,

His countenance gleamed very bright;

Commandments he carried on tablets of stone,

To give to the Israelites.


Isaiah the prophet spoke wisdom,

To chasten, to guide and delight:

As the Children of Israel wilfully strayed,

He urged them to walk in the light…


When a baby was born to a Virgin,

In a stable one dark winter’s night,

God’s Word had achieved incarnation,

And He would become the world’s Light…



Gethsemane beckoned to Jesus,

Though fraught with foreboding and fright—

God’s will He obeyed and drank from the cup,

That put Satan’s power to flight.


St Patrick, in God’s holy name,

Confronted the Druidic might:

He gave them a kicking on Tara’s great hill,

And then led them into the Light!


Our God can be trusted completely—

To His promises we can hold tight—

And know He will never forsake us,

When we’re facing the end of our life…


…Like a chrysalis waiting in darkness:

Just when the timing is right,

The butterfly soul will shake its wings free,

And fly to God’s glorious light!