Christian Healing

New developments in the Ministry of Healing

Over the past number of years, healing has been marginalized and, to some degree, held in disrepute. Why should that be? It is because the Church has not seen healing as central to its mission, a core ministry of the Church.  Also, healing has been sensationalised and is seen to be delivered by “healers” and not by Jesus Christ.

This has permitted a vacuum into which itinerant wonder ministries and tele-evangelists have claimed centre stage. However, over the past years, the ministry of healing has been transformed by God’s blessing, honouring 75 years of faithful, biblical service, and, in many ways, private and unseen ministry.

All aspects of the ministry are done in the name of the Lord Jesus, in a quiet, respectful, confidential and holy manner.  Sensationalism is shunned.  Ministry is supervised,  governed and staff are in continuous education and discussion to achieve continuity and best practice.