‘Seasons of Womanhood’

‘Seasons of Womanhood’ by Jean Gibson, publisher Authentic.

ISBN 978-1-86024-627-2

 If I was browsing a theological bookshop, the title, “Seasons of Womanhood” would not attract me, but the subtitle, ‘stories of despair and hope’, did catch my eye.  Thus it was with some ambivalence that I lifted the slim volume, and was immediately drawn into the first chapter through its title ‘Wild Child’.  This is a book that you read avidly, because it is a series of true life experiences which leave you in awe of God and his grace.  In fact, the whole book is not so much the life stories of ten very different women in difficulty, but it is a witness to a loving, all knowing, forgiving God, whose grace and power knows no bounds.  Often we are gripped by fiction writing, but this is a most absorbing book, even more exciting than any thriller, because it is true life.  More than that, it counters anyone who would try to tell you that God is irrelevant.  Here we read real evidence of God’s power to change and transform lives today.  Yes, it is a story about women, who have grappled with addiction, singleness, infertility, post natal depression, difficult and broken marriage, illness and change, but it is just as relevant for men.  It gives insight into humanity in difficulty, and is for everyone, because it is about trusting and holding onto God.

 For anyone who is going through difficult times this book testifies that God will not abandon you; nor will he give you a trial that you cannot surmount with his help.  This is an inspiring book about living the victorious life God wants us to, despite our frailties or difficulties.