Grievance Policy

Church’s Ministry of Healing The Mount

Volunteer Associate and Staff Grievance Procedure 2018


Introduction and Context

In issuing this document The Board recognises that everyone who gives service within The Church’s Ministry of Healing The Mount (CMH TM) is committed to serve The Lord Jesus Christ by bringing healing in the many ministries that the gospel encompasses.  Our standards of conduct are set out in Scripture and summarised by Jesus himself “And as you wish that others would do to you, do also to them.” Luke 6:31.  This statement alone would tend to preclude any instance of inconsideration, harassment, bullying or other similar misconduct.

In CMH TM we aspire to and strive to maintain excellent relationships with those who seek our services, with the wider community and amongst one another.  We all want to be good ambassadors for Christ and to be an example of Christian love and grace to our community.

We work as a corporate body in ministry sharing space and resources in different lines of service which sometimes overlap.  In such an environment misunderstandings can occur and compatibility issues can arise.  It is always best if points of difference between colleagues can be addressed promptly and in a spirit of understanding and ready co-operation between those concerned.

The following procedures are designed to deal with situations where agreement is not forthcoming or which appear too serious for an immediate and mutually agreed outcome.


Process for Resolving Grievances

Should a member of staff or volunteer associate of CMH TM wish to pursue a complaint against another the matter should be reported to The Director (CEO).  If the person making the report is open to the matter being resolved under mediation, and the CEO is willing at this stage so to proceed, then a resolution can be attempted.  The CEO will make an immediate  note of the cause of complaint.  If the matter can resolved to mutual satisfaction the outcome will be noted by the CEO and shown to both parties.

Where the issue is not suitably resolved as described above then the issue will proceed to formal enquiry.  The CEO should record the complaint and request the complainant to put the matter in writing within 5 days .  The person whom the complaint concerns will be advised both of its existence and that they will have 5 days to give a response to the written report.

Each party at every stage may be accompanied (under reasonable arrangement) by a friend from within CMH TM.  A remunerated employee who is a member of a Trade Union may alternatively opt to have the services of an accredited representative with reasonable notice.  The Board Chair should be kept informed of such complaints and their progress and is available to advise the CEO.

Exceptional measures are required in the instance of a complaint being made against the CEO.  Any such complaint should be addressed to the Board Chair by the complainant directly.  The Board Chair will handle that complaint and carry out the processes as specified for resolution of the matter in place of the CEO.  Contact details for the Board Chair are to be held and in and made available from the Administration Office.

When all reasonable enquiries are complete the outcome should be notified to each party.  If either party is dissatisfied with the outcome they may make an appeal to the Board.  The appeal must be lodged within five working days of receiving notice of the outcome.  An appeal panel will be appointed by the Board Chair consisting of two Board members who have not been previously involved in the matter.  The determination of the appeal panel will be final.

Upon receipt of the panel’s determination the Board Chair will so inform the parties in writing and notify the CEO to that effect.