Minutes AGM 2018




Meeting held on Thursday 3rd May 2018 at 2.30 pm

at 162 Upper Knockbreda Road, Belfast

In Attendance

Mr D O’Callaghan,Rev Dr Pat Mollan, Rev Prof RAB Mollan, Mrs P Graham, Mr Richard Graves, Mrs S McDonald, Mrs E Prytherch, Mrs P Wilson, Mrs S King, Ms A Cotter, Canon K Hanlon, Mrs S Ferguson, Mrs J O’Neill, Mr and Mrs B Hilton, Mrs H Ferguson-Brown, Canon Chris Matchett, Rev Prof and Rev Dr R Mollan, Mrs F Adair, Rev A Dorrian, Mr D Matchett, Mrs M Clarke, Mrs D Walker, Mrs F Gibson, Mr R Gardiner, and Canon N Baylor. 

Apologies received from; Mrs D O’Callaghan, Canon David Brown, Mr Rollo McClure, Mr and Mrs Murray, Ms D Murray, and Mr Bowman. 

The Chairman welcomed everyone to the AGM.  He introduced and welcomed the new Board members who were elected during the year;  Rev Adrian Dorrian, Mrs Sally King, Canon Kyle Hanlon, Canon Chris Matchett, and Mr David Matchett. 

Bible reading and prayer

Rev Adrian Dorrian based his devotional talk on Acts 8 26-40, the encounter of Philip and the Ethiopian.  On his recent visit to Ethiopia, he found this passage of scripture to be held in great reverence because this was the first announcement of the Gospel in that country.  He passed around a photograph of a beautiful icon of the event.

Adrian focussed on the obedient response of Philip by the angel to go south and to reflect on our response to God’s calling and the angelic presence in our lives.  He suggested there was nothing in our lives to prevent us responding to God’s call and asking God to heal.   He thought that we too should be eager to explain our faith and the Holy Scriptures to others, believing that we too are Spirit led, taking us along the journey path to the next place.  Healing is about personal encounters and we should take every opportunity to offer prayer for healing and to minister to the needs of others. 

Adrian finished with prayer for the AGM and for all who minister in the healing ministry.   

Acceptance of the Minutes of the 2016 AGM

The Minutes of the AGM 2017 were presented.  No amendments were received.  Their adoption was proposed by Dermot O’Callaghan and seconded by Susan Hilton, all were in agreement. 

Chairman’s Report- Mr Dermot O’Callaghan

The Chairman drew attention to the final settlement of the debt on the building and noted this was an ongoing objective during his tenure as Chairman.  He noted the resignations of Rosie McCorkell and Rev Mark Lennox in the past year, and welcomed Frances Gibson to the team.  He thanked all those involved in fundraising and especially Alison Cotter who arranged significant donations from the Irish Flying Club (pigeons and squealers) and the great success of the recent auction in Downpatrick.  He welcomed the recognition by Queen’s University of the teaching of medical students of the Mount healing Ministry and thought this was important recognition for healing within main-stream medicine. 

Dermot explained that he was now standing down from the Board and the Chair after five years of tenure.  The new Chairman elected by the Board was Rev Canon Chris Matchett.  Dermot  would continue to support the Ministry and noted 40 years of membership of the Kilwarlin Healer Prayer Group.  He encouraged support and attendance at the impending Morning Coffee event and the Downshire Brass Band Concert at Echosound to help advance the ministry.    

As a final thought, he encouraged the recruitment of younger persons to the healing ministry.

CEO report – Rev Dr Pat Mollan.

I have to report that CMH-The Mount is in good heart.  Prayer has become an increasing feature of day to day routine at The Mount, and answered prayer is always a delight, most especially the clearing of the debt, which has been greatly desired and miraculously attained.

            During the last year fundraising activities have included two Coffee Mornings, a Table Quiz, an evening with Downshire Brass, a Sales Table at The Secret Garden, an Auction and three Car Boot Sales.  Not only are these vital to the ministry, but they also made us more visible.  Our main business is prayer and healing.  We have held eight healing services in parishes through five dioceses, as well as sixteen other services.  In addition, it was a privilege to be asked to preach at the installation of Venerable Paul Dundas as Archdeacon of Dalriada at Lisburn Cathedral.

There have been ten Quiet Days at Echo Sound and a quiet morning at 162.  Talks on the healing ministry have been given in eight locations, including a Prayer Breakfast at 162, and the annual lecture to the Queen’s 2nd Year Medical Students.  In addition, 143 people have been trained in Prayer Ministry in five locations, the most distant of which has been Ballina, in Tuam diocese.

Counselling and prayer ministry continue to be a regular in-house activity.  We have five counsellors and four student counsellors, whom we mentor in conjunction with their college or university course leaders.  I am very grateful to each one of our counsellors for the excellent and professional service they provide for our clients and I am extremely grateful to our Supervisor Polly Graham and to Dr Heather Ferguson Brown for running our Counsellor’s Peer Group, which helps to build us together as a team.

I am grateful to Canon Walter Laverty and Rev Alan Parkhill who lead our Tuesday services, and to Anna Quigley and Eve Parkhill who provide the music for these services.  Gratitude is also due to the team at St Anne’s Cathedral and Down Cathedral, the clergy who preach, the prayer team and our organists: Rosemary Hughes in Belfast and Elizabeth Peters in Downpatrick.  Thank you to our Emergency Prayer Line and to our intercessors, who do the hard and hidden work of prayer and to all our in-house volunteers.  Thank you also to those who join us at St George’s for prayer and inspire us by their passion for Jesus.  Thank you to all our Board members who in many different ways, through the use of their talents, keep us legal and motivate us to higher things.

It has been a great year with increasing in-house activity, some the inspiration of Frances, who has become a most valued colleague and team member.  What does the future hold?  I found the answer on a beautifully crafted hanging in a shop in Sandy Row, which says:

‘A Day hemmed in Prayer is less likely to unravel.’      

To God be the glory.

Finance report- Mr Richard Gardiner.  

Mr Gardiner announced the financial report was available to all present and remains available through Companies House website. 

Mr Gardiner reported on the continuing sound financial situation during the year, recording a similar income to the previous year and a small surplus.  The loan had been completely repaid and funds retained at £53,000 as a financial cushion.  He .  emphasised the need to continue to fundraise and financially support the ministry.   He stressed the increasing regulation faced by all charities and was pleased to report his audit met all the regulatory requirements.  There were no aspects of the finances which caused any concern.

He offered his thanks to Rollo McClure and to Mrs Flo Adair for their diligent work during the year.

The Chair noted the matter of ownership of the building which was raised by Mr Richard Graves at the Board meeting.  As this was the subject of ongoing discussions and clarification with the Church of Ireland Trustees, a note to this effect should be appended to the Financial Report.     Mr Richard Graves agreed this would satisfy his concern. 

The report was proposed for acceptance by Mr Dermot O’Callaghan and seconded by Rev Dr Pat Mollan.  All were in agreement.  

Appointment of Auditors for 2018/2019.

It was proposed that RSM would be retained as Auditors for the coming financial year by Mr Dermot O’Callaghan and seconded by Rev Dr Pat Mollan.   This was agreed by all. 

Election of the Board.

It was proposed by Mr Dermot O’Callaghan and seconded by Mrs Heather Ferguson Brown that the Board, including the five new members who had been co-opted during the year, should be re-appointed to serve for another year.  This was unanimously accepted. 

Expression of thanks.

Rev Adrian Dorrian expressed the thanks of all those present to Dermot O’Callaghan for his tenure as Chairman.  He had been elected following a rather turbulent AGM five years ago and had carefully and prayerfully guided the ministry through a complex building programme and a renaissance of ministry to a very firm foundation.  Adrian thanked Dermot for all his hard work and professional guidance.   

The meeting ended with the Grace.    

Members and visitors were invited to refreshments.   

Chairman                                                                  Dated