Listening Course

 Having someone listen to you is a special experience, as mostly people prefer to do the talking. 

Listening is different from counselling; is simpler to learn, and is within the capability of most people.  Our course gives training and practice in listening to people in everyday situations.

Listening to someone is a skill and requires training and aptitude.  Listening is very helpful in its own right to those who are distressed.  Being willing to listen shows an interest and concern for the other person.  It acknowledges that their points of view and experiences are important to you.  The person may not have experienced interest or concern very much in their lives before, and they may not even value their own point of view, so this is a very significant part of helping others.  Telling their story can help them make sense of what is happening – especially with the help of a trained listener.

We may have the capability of listening, but often we do not really hear what is being said.  This may be because of things going on in the background, or because we haven’t really understood the importance of listening to others, or that good listening gives the speaker value and worth.

In society many people suffer from being overlooked or undervalued.  This can wound them or injure their self-esteem.  However, when they are really listened to, they feel received and respected for who they are.  This can be tremendously healing.