Spiritual Direction

The Ministry will provide you with Spiritual Direction at a personal level, telephone the office.

The Ministry is experienced in leading retreats, team ministry groups and other Christian outreach.

For example; Pat was the spiritual director at the Tres Dais retreat in Drumalis Retreat and Conference Centre, Larne, Co Antrim between 31st March and 3rd April 2011.

Tres Dias is Spanish for Three Days; a very special three days when adult Christians of different traditions gather together and find Christ in their midst.  Tres Dias is an encounter with Jesus Christ that could give you a deeper relationship with him, and a new sense of direction in your life within your own church, fellowship or other Christian tradition.

It is a well structured, carefully designed method of refreshing the faith of individuals and through them the environment.  It is run by lay people, former attendees of a Tres Dias or similar ‘Fourth Day’ weekend.  They are assisted by clergy who act as spiritual directors.  Together they present the basics of the Christian life from their own experience.

If you would like to have a leader for either a session or full retreat over a number of days please contact the office.

An example of a sessional talk is to be found at Healing Help.

The Ministry offers Spiritual training to Missionaries, telephone the office for details.