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The Lord touched my life just before I retired early.  He knocked me off my feet and I ended up in hospital, lying flat on my back.

During this time family and friends became faithful visitors, and they helped to encourage and support me.  Three weeks later I underwent a particularly uncomfortable procedure.  Beforehand I had to drink copious amounts of water, then an injection of dye was placed into my spine, after which I was photographed thoroughly to see where the problem was.

However, the prayers from our Ladies’ Group beforehand blanketed me and the peace that surrounded me during this challenging procedure was amazing.  Afterwards I was told that you have to sit in an upright position for six and a half hours.  Possible side effects were severe headaches and sickness.  Yes, you’ve guessed it.  I got all of them.  But, just when I needed him my minister came to see me.  Not being my best I was very embarrassed, however, the Rev Jim Hunter chatted away, inquiring about all that I had gone through.  To my surprise he told me that he had back problems to cope with, and because of this the Lord used him as a channel to heal others.  After a suitable time had elapsed he asked me if I would like prayer, to which I willingly agreed.  As he touched my arm, the power of the Holy Spirit entered my body and swept away the pain and discomfort, that I had been suffering from for the past nine months.

Jim asked me, “How do you feel?”

I couldn’t believe it!  “I have no more pain!  It’s gone!” was my reply.

I knew that the doctors wanted to operate on my back, but I wasn’t keen on the idea, so when Jim left and I was eventually let out of bed I told everyone in the ward that I was healed.  But how was I to tell the surgeon?  God took charge.  Later that night the doctor came round and said, “I’m going to let you home for a few weeks to think about the operation, as I know that you are not keen to have it.”

As soon as he left I was on the phone for my husband to come and take me home.  Rev Jim came to visit me at home and after two weeks I was able to walk up Carnmoney Road to the church and give thanks for prayers answered.  From this time my interest in prayer ministry and healing has arisen, but as they say, “that’s a story for another day!”
Sandra Ferguson.



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