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My Dad was diagnosed with bowel cancer at the end of May 2009.  The medical staff found a 2.5 inch tumour and prescribed a summer of radiotherapy and simultaneous oral chemotherapy.  They informed us that his treatment was intended to reduce the tumour and would be followed by surgery to remove it.

My Dad is a Christian and immediately following diagnosis, our church rallied around and began to pray for him.  I started going to the healing service at St Anne’s Cathedral, Belfast, every Friday lunchtime to pray for my Dad’s healing.  My Dad’s prayer was that with God’s help, the surgeon would cure him.  My prayer was that God himself would destroy the tumour and amaze the doctors!

Last week Dad went into hospital for the operation.  His surgeon was unable to find the tumour – only scar tissue where it had been!  Unfortunately the operation had to proceed to remove the area where the tumour had been, in case any cancer cells remained.

We visited Dad in recovery soon after his operation and he informed us that he felt God with him throughout the whole procedure.  Thanks to the prayers of so many believers, my Dad has felt that peace which cannot be understood.  He is the worst nail biter I have ever encountered (when feeling nervous or stressed) and incredibly he has had to cut his nails now for the first time in his life!

Dad got out of hospital a week early, is now recovering at home.  He is awaiting the results of the pathologist’s report to see if the cancer had spread into the lymph glands.  All early indications were that is had not.  As for me, I know it has not, as I have complete faith that God has answered our prayers and healed him.                            Tracey Hall


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