A Testimony of Healing: Joanna Hawthorne

As a Christian, I had never really known about, or been involved in healing services, before 1 September 2009.  My mother-in-law has been involved in healing services for many years, and I truly was slightly afraid of this subject.  It is easy to put some things to the back of your mind or brush them under the carpet, however after 1 September 2009 life became quite complicated.  I had cancer in my brain and have had eight surgical procedures. 

 While I am very fortunate to have support from a wonderful family and friends, I realised at the start that ultimately, this was between me and the Lord;  and he has been everything to me.  My first healing experience was before my first surgery, when my Church Minister prayed with the Laying on of Hands.  This gave me something that could not come any other way.  It gave me peace, and I knew then that everything would be OK. 

 When I got out of hospital, I started going to Healing Services in a few different churches.  In the services, some churches had specific time for prayer requests afterwards; some had more modern praise; some less Laying on of Hands, but I found that the Church’s Ministry of Healing at St Anne’s Cathedral, Belfast was perfect for me.   There was the choice to receive intimate prayer, during a time of traditional peaceful praise, along with Laying on of Hands, which brought me closer to the Lord.

 Not only have these healing services given me an inner peace, it is not all about me!  Other people need healing, and for family members and friends who cannot attend for whatever reason, I now am able to have powerful prayer brought to them. 

 And as for my cancer?   I have now had two scans where there is no sign of cancer!

My experience with these healing services has brought me to a peace in life that I want to shout about.  I thank the Lord every day, and thank the team at St Anne’s Cathedral for bringing me close to him. 

Joanna Hawthorne