Developing Prayer Life

Developing Your Prayer Life

This four week course aims to help you find new and meaningful ways of praying in all situations.

Session 1 deals with symbolism and all those things that help us to settle into prayer.  It releases us from formal settings to find new places and situations which are beneficial for opening up in prayer.  We begin to pray the scriptures using ‘Imaginative Contemplation’

Session 2 deals with prayer journaling.  Here we learn some of the ways that the Celts prayed using the Caim and Lorica, and putting on the armour of God in the face of spiritual battles.  We deal with the issues of forgiveness.

Session 3 extends our boundaries of praying the Scriptures using Lectio Divina, the Lord’s Prayer and the Book of Common Prayer.

Session 4 looks at God’s attributes to help us pray; the way of contemplative prayer, the ‘Prayer of Awareness’ and how to end the day.

This four week course has a comprehesive manual.

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