Prayer Ministry

The Prayer Ministry Course is a series of four weekly sessions which are presented in a relaxed atmosphere with opportunity to ask questions.

The aim is to present the biblical basis for the healing ministry and the authority we have today to pray for the healing of others; to see the role that repentance and forgiveness plays in healing; and to learn to exercise this ministry sensitively in a team setting.

The emphasis is always placed on the fact that it is Jesus who is the healer. Many of the frequently asked questions concerning suffering, faith, sin and healing are discussed, and different ways of building up our prayer life are considered.

Session 1 Thought is given to the centrality of healing in Jesus’ ministry and to the mandate he left with us to ‘heal the sick who are there and say to them, the kingdom of God has come near to you’, (Luke 10:9). Discussion follows on the reality of Christ’s healing today in the areas of body, mind and spirit.

Session 2 deals with the issues of faith and healing, and the role of prayer in groups or individually.

Session 3 discusses the practical issues of prayer ministry, such as laying on of hands and anointing are considered, with the codes of good practice.

Session 4 considers the difficult issues of repentance, forgiveness and inner healing.


Rev Dr Pat Mollan
028 9078 2159

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