CMH Strategy

The Strategy is currently under active review and if you would like to contribute, then email or write to the office, addressing your comments and ideas to Rab Mollan


The Strategy of CMH has been carefully developed through consulation and wide-ranging discussion with the Church and laity.  The delivery of the strategy is in constant revision with short, medium and long term goals .  These are assessed and revised six monthly by the Board, and at each Board meeting the CEO reports on activity based on the short term and medium term goals.

Church’s Ministry of Healing – The Mount

Strategy 2010 – 2014


This strategy document builds on a Planning Day held at CMH premises in Dargan Road on 29 January 2010.  The event was attended by representatives of the CMH- The Mount Board, the Board of CMH Ireland (Dublin), staff and volunteers.  All present contributed significantly and there was general agreement on most of the points raised.  Subsequently, the CMH – The Mount Board added to this work to create the Strategy document. This will be extended to include detailed financial projections and budgets and a staffing/volunteer plan.

Vision 2030

Every church would have a high profile Healing Ministry, accessible to everyone. This would:

  • have lay people actively involved in healing
  • be demonstrating miraculous signs and wonders
  • Healing would be taught in all theological colleges in Ireland
  • The hierarchy and clergy of all churches and denominations would have “bought into” healing and it would be at the centre of churches
  • All work by CMH would be undertaken on a sound theological basis
  • CMH would have paid and/or voluntary counselling staff across Northern Ireland, with a Counselling Co-ordinator in each Diocese
  • CMH would be increasingly professional in all it does

It was suggested that a suitable “strap line” for CMH The Mount would be:

working to enable all people to know God’s healing power

Individuals would have:

  • a more vibrant faith and an increased desire to witness
  • better health and outlook – an abundant life
  • a new direction
  • greater effect on non Christians and an effective mission
  • greater reliance on God
  • fewer burdens
  • an awareness of God’s power and the power of prayer

The Church would be:

  • growing
  • effective at mission, empowered and have confidence
  • healthier
  • more relevant to people’s needs
  • full of people with greater faith

The World would:

  • take God more seriously
  • be challenged
  • have more opportunity to be cynical!
  • see non-believers witnessing

Value Base

The values within which CMH – The Mount will undertake its work are:

  • Christian, Christ centred, Holy Spirit lead and obedient to Christ
  • Accepting, non-judgemental, compassionate and providing a loving response
  • Church of Ireland ethos
  • Believe that healing works and offering healing in all forms, physical, mental, emotional, spiritual
  • Prayer as a foundation for ministry
  • Being a witness, proclaiming God’s power and giving glory to God
  • For the whole community, recognising the value and dignity of every individual
  • Confidentiality


Three previous versions of the CMH Mission Statement were tabled.

The Church’s Ministry of Healing – The Mount is a cross-community, inter-faith initiative grounded in the Christian values of hospitality, belonging and wholeness which fosters opportunities for healing, growth and reconciliation at an individual and communal level so that all can reach their fullest potential. This is achieved through a wide range of counselling and support services, which are provided in a safe, non- judgemental environment to anyone in need regardless of their cultural or religious affiliation.

Our mission is to promote the healing ministry of the church in an increasingly secular and troubled world so that every community and individual, has access to the healing power of Christ, delivered in a safe, ethical and theologically sound manner, so that all may receive his grace.  This is complemented by a secular, non-judgemental, professional counselling service.

The aim of the Church’s Ministry of Healing, is to journey with individuals who struggle with daily life; especially those in physical pain, emotional turmoil and spiritual discomfort and to bring them hope and courage, peace of mind and tranquillity of spirit in a way that is safe, non-judgemental and inclusive

Two alternatives were proposed:

  • Realising and experiencing Christ’s healing power
  • Proclaim and heal

Based on these and previous statements, the following is proposed:

The Church’s Ministry of Healing seeks to promote, and give everyone, irrespective of their cultural or religious affiliation, access to God’s healing power through Christian healing and counselling, delivered in a non-judgemental, accepting, professional, ethical and theologically sound manner.


The following objectives have been developed.

All long term objectives are to be achieved by 2014. Short term objectives are expected to be delivered by March 2011 unless stated otherwise.

L.T. Objective 1 – To have increased the number of “in church” healing ministries by 100% by December 2014

S.T. Objective 1a – have quantified the number and nature of healing ministries as a base line for future work

S.T. Objective 1b – increase the number of “in church” healing ministries by 5 during 2010/11

S.T. Objective 1c – produce a short report for the Board making recommendations on the strategy for achieving the long term objective

L.T. Objective 2 – Have doubled the number of people involved in CMH by


S.T. Objective 2a – recruit 10 new volunteers during 2010/11

S.T. Objective 2b – put in place a staffing/volunteering plan for the next five years setting out the roles, skills and staff time needed to meet the core long term objectives

L.T. Objective 3 – Have established excellent working relationships with all of the main denominations at a senior level

S.T. Objective 3a – hold meetings with the leaders of the four main churches and have established how CMH will work with each in future

S.T. Objective 3b – have established good working relationships with key representatives in the four main denominations and at least two others which can facilitate ongoing discussion on the role of healing in the church

L.T. Objective 4 – Have increased the profile of Christian healing and of CMH in churches and in the media

S.T. Objective 4a – as a minimum, CMH will feature in 5 published articles in local Christian publications, 2 articles in the mainstream press and 1 appearance on TV or radio

S.T. Objective 4b – have distributed, by e-mail or hard copy, basic information on CMH to all churches in N. Ireland

L.T. Objective 5 – Christian Healing to be a core subject offered by all academic institutions in Ireland offering theological education

S.T. Objective 5a – have completed initial discussions with all institutions offering theological training/education and have a plan and time scale to deliver the long term objective

L.T. Objective 6 – 50% of all larger churches (200 or more members) in Northern Ireland to have had a presentation on Christian Healing

S.T. Objective 6a – have made presentations to at least 30 larger (200 or more members) churches in 2010/11

L.T. Objective 7 – Have increased counselling provision by 100%

S.T. Objective 7a – increase counselling activity by 20% on 2009/10 figures

L.T. Objective 8 – Be able to attract sufficient resources (financial and people) to be able to focus on and successfully deliver CMH objectives

S.T. Objective 8a – have successfully transferred all financial resources and other assets from CMH Ireland to CMH The Mount

S.T. Objective 8b – have detailed financial projections and budgets agreed for 2011 –  2014

S.T. Objective 8c – attract adequate income during 2010/11 to, as a minimum, cover all costs incurred during 2010/11